Crossing the river Africa Special | Series 19 | BBC

Crossing the river Africa Special | Series 19 | BBC


As the boys travel eastwards, our motoring trio are stopped by a river and realise it is too deep to wade through with their cars, especially since there are crocodiles lurking within it. Jeremy comes up with the idea of making their own car-ferry, designed specifically to take their cars across the river, (similar to one they had seen in Albania) using wood and rope. Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

As I inched forwards,
a hungry audience gathered. You'll feel when you're on
'cause you'll hit the chock. At two and a half feet. -Feet?
-Yeah. Good, a bit more. You're just about
to go off. There you go. You're on! Put it in gear and turn off. -These come with us for the other side.
-Yeah. With the ramps on board, we set off. Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. -What did you just do?
-Cast off. -Are we now underway?
-Yes. -Pull on the rope.
-I am. I'm Geoff Capes! I am pulling a BMW 528i Touring
across a crocodile-infested river! The impressive thing is,
you're not making a fuss about it. No, I'm not showing off, but I am…
James, wait! James, James! -What? It doesn't make any difference.
-Please stay at the back! James, please stay at the back! Stop being such an old woman.
It doesn't make any difference! Oh, really? So, that barrel's just
come back above the water again. It's not going to go
all the way down, is it? I feel like an explorer now. Right… If I get on the bank
and James throws me a yellow rope. Can you get on the bank from there? -Oh, these logs get really slippery!
-Yes. Right, you're on the bank… Good catch. -The thrower wasn't brilliant.
-I'll go to the back. Whey! Well… People are now turning over to watch…
Red Or Black? or something. Well, I'm sorry we made it. Nobody was expecting that. Got it? Mind you, there was still
the small matter of disembarking. Not convinced. Yes! Well, you're nearly ashore. -Aren't I ashore?
-Not entirely ashore, no. -Yes, I'm ashore.
-Is that wheel ashore? Yes. We weren't convinced,
so we gave him a helping hand. Here we go! Yes! Feeling good. Oh, yes! Oh, yes! God, I'm a good driver. Oh, God. Back on the other bank,
it was Hammond's turn, and for some reason, he decided
to make life difficult for himself. Why are you backing on? Because it is quite difficult getting
off at the other side. Yeah? And your BMW is now there,
so, it could tow me off. The only towing eye is at the back.
It does mean I'll have to reverse on. Hold on! Does that look right from there?
Have a look. What…? -No! Stop! You're turning the wheel.
-I did not turn the wheel. -You did. You turned it minutely.
-I might have leant on it. You're miles off the end.
A little bit more and… stop. Oh! I am so on board! James, you can pull this time.
You'll see how easy it is. I shall be ballast, there.
That's the ticket! -Not all at the same time.
-You can't come on this side. What? I can't go on the other side. -Well, look at the angle.
-Gentlemen! -Climb through the car.
-It is impossible to stand there because there are two ramps
piled on top of one another. -Hammond, get in your sitting room!
-I can't. -Get in your sitting room!
-No! -You need to be on the other side.
-Climb over the bloody car. You've got heavier as… -That was tied on!
-No, I took the rope off. -We needed the rope.
-I took it off. I can go on the other side…
as it turns out. Perfect. Right, let's go.
Forget the chair. -Are we there yet?
-Somebody's had me chair! -That man's got your chair!
-Good for him. Enjoy it! On the other side,
I was determined to make a better job of disembarking than Jeremy had. Power. Some of you's on board. Now…
Whoa, we got a problem. No, st… No. That's all completely hopeless and you've sunk the raft
and your cat flap's terrible. Go! I then pulled Hammond off… And that gave me an idea. Why don't we use this to pull the ferry
across with the Volvo on it? Why would we not do that? Rather sceptically, Hammond and I
went back to get my Volvo. Crack on. Our father, who art in heaven, if you're there, make it go upside down,
please, please, please. Steady! That looked a bit perilous. -Shall I come back?
-A little tiny bit. Stop making squeaking noises. The thing is, the BMW has what we call
a 50-50 weight distribution, 50% over the front axle,
50% over the back, which is why the raft was level. With James' car, all of… well,
70% of the weight is over the front axle. That's why the whole thing
is tipping down. -Are we attached? Have we attached the…
-Yes. Jeremy, we have begun! Right, so I pull you across the river. -Yeah, gently.
-Yes. Very, very slowly indeed! If it goes under,
it'll probably go nose-in, won't it? -Yeah, I'm going to stand at the back.
-Are you ready? He's going already. Look, hang on. This is Captain Hammond ringing down
to the engine room. You've got the slacks. That's plenty fast enough! Yes, gently. Seriously, Jeremy, we are going under. That's plenty fast enough.
That's too fast! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Gently, gently, seriously! We're going in. Stop! Jeremy, absolutely stop,
or you'll have deaths on your hands. I've been shouted at so much. Need a zesty drink. Eventually, our third and final car
was ready to go ashore. -Forward.
-Oh, my God! Well, credit where it's due. Come on! You got to admit that is quite a finish. -Come on!
-With a flourish! It had been a fraught undertaking,
but the fact was that, against the odds, all three of our cars were
on the other side of the river. That's the first time, I think, in ten years, we've ever done anything
ambitious and successful. I think you're right.
Doesn't it feel good? -It feels weird, frankly.
-Normally there's one of us in the water, in the jaws of a lion, going:
"Oh, I'm dead!" It was genuinely peculiar. -We must now contemplate the journey…
Oh, my God! Gentlemen. Gent… -It's gone! It's completely gone!
-It's completely sunk! It's completely gone! -Well done!
-You can see how difficult our job is! -Very good!
-That's how deep it was! -That could have happened to us.
-It could have done. -But it didn't!
-But it didn't! -Right! Onwards.

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