Crossover Aston Martin DBX cluttered with details

Crossover Aston Martin DBX cluttered with details


In December, the British company will officially unveil its first crossover audience.

All-wheel drive Aston Martin DBX received a large number of components and assemblies from Daimler, including engine 4.0 L Biturbo AMG V8 with a power of about 550 HP and 700 Nm of torque, combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission and “razdatkoy”, similar to the Mercedes GLE.

The driveshafts and differentials, including the rear with an electronically lock, have your Aston Martin. Also, DBX has received its own platform with shifted within the wheel base of the engine, which, incidentally, received an impressive size of more than three meters. The crossover has received an adjustable suspension with a ground clearance of about 50 mm.


Aston Martin DBX received a five-seat layout, recessed door handles and frameless doors, which, thanks to the unusual design decision to create a visual effect of a single square side glass. Daimler supplied crossover on-Board electronics, multimedia complex and active safety systems.

Later the range of engines will join the hybrid and, possibly, Biturbo V12. As noted by the representatives of the brand, even a basic DBX with a V8 will be able to accelerate at least up to 290 km/h. the release of the DBX will be manufactured at the new plant to the Welsh Saint Athanasios.

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