Crossover Baojun RM-5 2020 ready to sales, on the approach of the twin Chevrolet

Crossover Baojun RM-5 2020 ready to sales, on the approach of the twin Chevrolet


Model off crosswise Baojun RM-5 was the joint product of SAIC and GM, which soon has a chance to appear to the public as standard. As it became known, the first time the model will appear only under the Chevrolet brand. When are you coming? Not before 2020.

Cross-veins Baojun RM-5 was built on the flagship truck Baojun RS-5, so the dimensions aren’t so different: 4705х1806х1625 mm, with a center 2750 mm. externally, seven-seater car designed in the corporate style. The body is installed off-road kit, plastic, and flared wheel arches due to the fender. Another advantage of the model is increased ground clearance, he paid particular attention. Just do not understand why China is so huge ground clearance.


By the way about 7 places, here everything is transparent: 2х3х2. The format of the landing, in contrast to the same Suzuki XL6. The sofa in the middle is soft and convenience. By the way, apparently the finish will only velour.

The podkapotka Baojun RM-5 took poltorashka supercharged 147 l/C. the Engine operates a manual transmission and a CVT. All-wheel drive in the range is missing. Off-road Baojun RM-5 in the list of options managed to obtain: adaptive cruise control, directional stability, automatic emergency braking, digital dashboard with an LED matrix and a panoramic roof. By the way, Luke is available by default. The beginning of sales of the Baojun RM-5 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. The price tag is not announced, the GM should think about pricing.

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