Crossover DS 7 Crossback received advanced control system fatigue

Crossover DS 7 Crossback received advanced control system fatigue


The premium DS brand, Citroen is owned by, proposed for the crossover DS 7 Crossback new control system for the fatigue degree of the driver. 2022, these devices will become mandatory for all cars sold in the EU.

Developed DS DS system called the Driver Attention Monitoring. It consists of two infrared cameras facing the driver and the sensor used to monitor the position of the car. Camera mounted behind the steering wheel and the top of the windshield; they follow the movements of the eyes, eyelids and neck, and in the case of detection of signs of fatigue on the digital dashboard display and a warning is displayed, accompanied by audio.


An additional sensor monitors the position of the car relative to the road markings and is able to recognize unintentional and chaotic motion of the wheel. The combination of monitoring key indicators of fatigue, I think the DS, will more accurately determine the condition of the driver and warn him about the need to stop or rest.

The first such system to obtain the crossover DS 7 Crossback. In Europe, for the model equipped with six power units: diesel units with a capacity of 130, 180 and 230 forces, as well as the 130 – and 180-horsepower diesel engines. In addition, for the crossover available 300-strong hybrid power unit with petrol engine capacity of 200 forces, two 80-kilowatt electric motors and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13 kWh. But all-wheel drive is only for hybrid.

I think such a system useful?

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