Crossover for 250 000 Euro sank almost immediately after purchase

Crossover for 250 000 Euro sank almost immediately after purchase


Unusual strange thing happened with the participation of the new crossover Audi. The owner drowned his car a few weeks after purchase.

The accident occurred in the Netherlands. The car was purchased by the owner in the showroom, only 4 January, and already 20 days of the same month, he drowned her in the river. How this happened is unknown: perhaps the driver has not coped with management and flew off the road.

The situation is clouded even more by the fact that he had suffered no ordinary Audi, and one of the most expensive models charged RS Q8. In the base of this car is 200 00 Euro, but in this case we are talking about a more advanced version (with 23-inch wheels and a black grille) for 250 000 euros. This model is the most powerful in the lineup of Audi SUVs: it is equipped with a 600-horsepower (800 Nm) V8 capacity of 4.0 liters, with which to “hundreds” accelerates in 3.8 seconds and gaining maximum speed of 305 km/h. it is Not excluded that such a serious dynamics and played a cruel joke with the Dutchman.


By the way, as for the driver, he successfully got out of the car, and was unhurt. But the Audi RS Q8 had to get to the bottom of the river with special equipment. The whole process of evacuation took 3 hours.

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