Crossover Hyundai Nexo has set a record run on hydrogen

Crossover Hyundai Nexo has set a record run on hydrogen


Hyundai was able to put the record on the driving range of a hydrogen car Nexo.

The vehicle passed without stopping more than 770 kilometres.

The company stressed that the established record has actually proven that hydrogen cars should cease to be concepts, as existing technology can make a fully environmentally friendly vehicle.

Behind the wheel of the car was a balloonist from Switzerland, the travel time in the car sat the Prince of Monaco, the French Minister of the economy, Duke of Luxembourg and one of the researchers who are involved in implementing hydrogen fuel in cars.


Hyundai Nexo has a maximum power of 163 HP for the traction battery as the power source. In order to “refuel” is about five minutes.

The representatives of the brand concluded that during the trip was able to “save” more than 111 pounds of carbon dioxide. Calculation was made on the basis of average emissions from petrol and diesel engines.

What is your personal record of run without refueling?

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