Crossover Hyundai Vision T: so will the new Tucson?

Crossover Hyundai Vision T: so will the new Tucson?


In Los Angeles presented the concept Vision T: let’s see how soon will look Korean crossovers.

Plaque with the inscription HDC-7 is the license plate suggests that this concept – the seventh created by a division of the Hyundai Design Center to demonstrate the development of the designer’s signature style. This time the prototype took the form of a mid-size crossover SUV with aggressive looks, dynamic silhouette and a hybrid power plant.

Visual features Vision T become not only relief sidewalls, angular wheel arches and a contrasting rear rack, but the original solution of the front. The concept has received a mesh grille, active elements which can open and close. Thus aerodynamics is regulated by limiting the amount of air that gets into the engine compartment. In addition, the grille elements are hidden components led optics: in fact, we are witnessing the return of so-called “blind” headlights, just in a new guise.


The solution is vaguely reminiscent of the design of the Hyundai Vision T, has already been applied not only to related KIA Futuron, but it is a serial Hyundai Grandeur. So there is no doubt that we have before us not an independent design exercise, and the fruit of a deliberate strategy.

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Length Hyundai Vision T stretched by 4.6 m with a wheelbase of 2.8 m, that is, the size than the current generation of crossover Tucson – but only slightly, just on the millimeters on which usually model grows with the changing of the generations. It is not excluded, Vision T can be seen as an outright hint of the future novelty, moreover, between the “face” concept and the front part of the Tucson prototype on the spy photos have much in common.

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