Crossover Mercedes-Maybach GLS retained the body of the donor

Crossover Mercedes-Maybach GLS retained the body of the donor


Maybach continue to simplify. It’s been a few years since, as the majestic brand was eliminated, and he was replaced by a Mercedes-Maybach. And if cars Maybach 2000 years could still be called original, it is representative of the model under a new sub-brand has finally turned into a more expensive version of the Mercedes S-class. But the Germans went further. If the sedan Mercedes-Maybach differs from the donor’s size and body structure, the crossover Mercedes-Maybach GLS got the same metal body as the original “Gee-El-ESA”. Back front – and that is almost unchanged!

At length the Mercedes-Maybach GLS in short donor two millimeters (5205 mm) but the wheelbase achieves the same 3135 mm. After the changes in the interior the boot capacity decreased from 890 liters (five-seat layout) to 525. Back front differs only by the Maybach logo.


The new product will debut at the motor show in Guangzhou. Clear on whose tastes are oriented designers. Need more chrome! They trimmed a large radiator grille with a lot of thin vertical lines, wide mesh netting in the front bumper and a massive overlay in the bottom. Made chrome lining on the middle pillar and elements of the rear bumper. Shiny and big wheel (diameter 22 or 23 inch), though they are polished aluminum. From the same – baggy thresholds that automatically extend when boarding/alighting passengers. At such moments, the car still squats and helpful, but to be honest, so able, and Lincoln Aviator.

Customers will be offered different combinations of materials and colors that are not available on regular models of the Mercedes GLS. Plus Maybach has the original prop under your palm over the touchpad with logo. Two displays with a diameter of 12.3 inches – basic equipment.

Front doors do not open – this part of the cabin as an ordinary Mercedes GLS. But the back door is open. Includes long-wheelbase Range Rover. In the model the Mercedes-Maybach GLS is equipped with two separate chairs that can be tilted to an angle of 43.5 degrees and which are located at 120 mm closer to the trunk than the Mercedes GLS. Passengers of the second row is available not only in the sea of space, but dual-zone climate control, heated and ventilated seats, massage, airplane tables, tablet to control multimediai and a fridge hidden in a fixed center console between the chairs.

The flavor of the air in the cabin, blinds on the Windows, not only heated seats, but the armrests, multimedia entertainment system, 1590-watt Burmester speakers from 27…Like in Paradise! By the way, the default back will be molded under the two-person sofa with wide armrest.

For the flagship model, GLS dispatched and exclusive wheels, and never-before-seen exterior colors. Even in the range of eight options, two-tone performances of the body. Thresholds of anodized aluminum (length of 2.06 m, width – 21 cm) can withstand up to 200 kg.


And, of course, a feature of the crossover would be the V12 engine. Then just label the corresponding. But, alas, Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 disingenuous – under the hood it hides a four-liter V8 with two turbochargers. Return – 558 HP and 730 N•m. Plus a short on acceleration 22 of power and 250 Newton metres adds starter-generator EQ Boost, operating from 48-volt network. From zero to hundreds machine, equipped with a nine-storyed “automatic” accelerates for 4.9 s. the Less powerful Mercedes GLS 580 (489 HP, 700 N•m) capable to be dispersed for 5,3 seconds with the top speed of both cars is electronically limited to 250 km/h.

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Curb weight is 2,785 kg, and its fuel consumption in the combined cycle does not exceed 12 l/100 km driving a Maybach car starts off in second gear, less switches in motion, disables the start/stop and smooths out the response to the accelerator.

The basis of all-wheel drive Maybach – the same platform with the MHA dvurychanski front and rear memorycache. Airmatic air suspension and an electronically dampers are standard equipment, but for the fee proposed active hydropneumatic suspension E-Active Body Control. She is able to control each wheel individually, to deal with the banks on solid surfaces and to simulate the rocking of the car on the roads to get out of the trap. But it’s all there and “Gee-El-ESA”. But what he lacks is the extra mode of movement, which immodestly called the Maybach. It promises unprecedented comfort for passengers.

Exterior Maybach failed?

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