Crossover Skoda Kodiaq sent to carry police dogs

Crossover Skoda Kodiaq sent to carry police dogs


Past special training SUV has arrived on service in law-enforcement bodies of great Britain.

Published by pictures of “sobakasu” represent Kodiaq in the appropriate livery, but assisting the four-legged crossover not too similar to service dogs, trained hard work. It seems that the firm decided to hint at the possibility of the transformation of the crossover in the car for transporting Pets, and private owners.

Anyway, Skoda have managed to provide Kodiaq with two compartments for transportation of four-legged police officers. Each of them is equipped with air conditioning, and finishing of “booth” meets the requirements of the British Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.


Compartments for dogs is also equipped with temperature sensors and emergency exits that allow the animal to quickly exit the vehicle if necessary. As for accessories for the police-people, that his list includes emergency lighting, “covering” the car around the perimeter, and lock function switch off the engine: the motor continues to run even after extracting the ignition key. This is for turning the “Kodiak” in a sort of generator of electricity: from the car if necessary you can power, say, radio or computer.

In the police force UK Skoda will supply appropriately “dressed” Kodiaq with front-or all-wheel drive and four engines to choose from – petrol and diesel units with capacity from 150 to 240 HP

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