Crossover Toyota C-HR began to look more “menacing”

Crossover Toyota C-HR began to look more “menacing”

Although Toyota C-HR is definitely not really a sports car, it did not prevent multiple tuners to engage in his appearance and make him look more menacing.

This is not the first C-HR, similar to the car from the video of Ken Block. However, what did Rowen International, further demonstrates the sporty character of the crossover.

In addition to the new wide body kit consisting of larger wings, side skirts, and thicker bumpers, Rowen-Tuned C-HR is also equipped with new LEDs, new wheels, new optics and bessacque bars.

What is interesting is that for the new grille, which, incidentally, is compatible with security systems Sense the automaker, the sensitivity of the radar can be a little lower than it should be. The car also features a pair of Recaro sports seats, high-performance braking system and a special exhaust.

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