Crossovers Tesla will deliver astronauts to the rockets

Crossovers Tesla will deliver astronauts to the rockets


NASA astronauts, which in coming months will make the first flight on a rocket SpaceX will get to her electrocreaser Tesla Model X. Before the transportation of the crew engaged in retroforce Astrovan.

As writes Associated Press, the white Model X delivered two astronauts to the launch pad during training. The company also posted a photo of Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken in a black-and-white suits in the background of the Tesla electric car. The van, which for many years was used by NASA to transport crew, looks like this:

On Sunday, the SpaceX team have conducted a test run without crew, but at the same time experienced the system of emergency evacuation. The Falcon 9 rocket with a Dragon spacecraft Crew launched from Cape Canaveral, after fifteen minutes the alarm system worked and the ship was connected to their own engines, to get to a safe distance from the rocket. It exploded at an altitude of about 20 kilometers, and Crew Dragon successfully landed in the ocean with the help of four parachutes.


The spacecraft Crew Dragon is specially developed for flights to the International space station. After successful tests Elon Musk said he plans to hold the first manned flight in the second quarter of 2020, between April and June, but no official permission from NASA has not yet been received.

So far, the only that could go to space with the filing of the Mask – the Tesla Roadster. In February 2018, it was loaded into the cabin of the launch vehicle, the Falcon Heavy as a “mass simulator” and sent to Mars song of David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

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