Cupra announced 2 new products and its own metaverse

Cupra announced 2 new products and its own metaverse


Sports brand Cupra, a spin-off from Seat, celebrated four years as an independent company. On this occasion, a new development plan, Cupra2, was presented at a special online event.

It got its name due to the fact that already this year the brand intends to double its sales, turnover and dealer network. Over time, the product line will also double, now represented by Ateca, Born, Formentor and Leon models. Cupra is preparing four new products. Two of them have been announced before. So, in 2024, the Tavascan electric crossover, shown as a concept back in 2019, will be released. A year later, it will be joined by a compact hatchback in the style of the UrbanRebel show car, also battery operated.

The other two cars were announced for the first time by Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths. Alas, he did not disclose any details about them. Apparently, secret innovations will appear towards the end of the decade and will also be equipped with electrified power plants. It is known that after 2030 the brand wants to abandon internal combustion engines.

But in 2022, the main premiere, apparently, will not be a car, but the so-called metaverse: Cupra launched the virtual space for interaction with other brands, startups, creators of various content, streamers and ordinary users who will receive colorful avatars.

Finally, this year the company will introduce Cupra2 Experience, a racing simulator that combines the possibilities of the real and virtual worlds. One of the first to drive on it will be the one who wins the upcoming auction for the first non-fungible token created by the brand: the same metaverse is conceived, including for trading digital art objects.

We also advise you to watch the detailed test drive of CUPRA Formentor 2021 from the FineAuto team:

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