Cursed place: the launch of the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany is again postponed

Cursed place: the launch of the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany is again postponed


This time, environmentalists claim that the new facility will cause water shortages in the region.

Last year, when Elon Musk visited his unfinished battery and electric car factory in Germany, a journalist asked him if the commissioning of such a large plant would lead to water shortages in the region? In response, the billionaire called this opinion “completely wrong.”

And in 2022, environmentalists calculated that the shortage of water resources after the completion of construction will be very large. It is reported that under a contract with the local authorities, the Gigafactory will consume 1.4 million cubic meters of water per year, which could be enough for a city of 40,000 people. Meanwhile, over the past 30 years, the groundwater level in Brandenburg has been declining, which has led to droughts and even forest fires.

According to environmentalists, if the Gigafactory starts working, the water situation will worsen. One way or another, but local utilities will have to invest in new infrastructure and treatment facilities, and in addition, they will also develop new wells. Nevertheless, according to professor of hydrology at the University of Potsdam Axel Bronster, the Tesla factory will double the water consumption in the region, and this is already very serious.

Note that the first court hearing in the water consumption case is scheduled for March 4. Of course, all activity at the facility is suspended.

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