Custom Chevrolet Tourliner 1954 — the house at the base of the hot rod

Custom Chevrolet Tourliner 1954 — the house at the base of the hot rod


Incredible motorhome on Chevrolet COE was built by the canadian expert in the field of car restoration.

Russ Moen from Port Alberni (Canada) have long dreamed of a cozy and stylish house on wheels. Try restoring cars like the 1955 Chevy, Camaro Z28 1973 Chevrolet Corvette 427 1966 Ford 1934, des Moines area community engaged in the creation of a unique car, called the Chevrolet Tourliner. The basis of such an unusual house on wheels, which was built five years, went to the Chevrolet COE truck 1954.


Initially, the idea was very simple: to install on the chassis of a Chevrolet Advance-Design COE ready camper. But it turned out to be very problematic — it turned out that the factory chassis is not able to withstand the additional weight. Therefore Moines decided to go to the other side and started the installation cab classic truck chassis motorhomes 1985 issue. The frame of the living quarters had made to order. The car had plenty of power, Russ Moines decided to equip it with a turbo diesel engine Cummins V8 volume of 5.9 liters and power of 400 HP and 1085 Nm. It was also decided to complement the car’s self-leveling air suspension.

From the Tourliner cockpit, equipped with all the usual modern systems, including, for example, power Windows and heated seats, have a comfortable passage to the living area, decorated in the style of the yacht, where a combination of expensive leather and various types of wood (birch, cherry and teak). Here is an amazing way fit bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

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