Custom Harley-Davidson HD350

Custom Harley-Davidson HD350


Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang registered a new motorcycle design in the National Office of Intellectual property, hinting at a new QJ350.

Qianjiang is the parent company of the brand Benelli, that is, Qianjiang QJ350 will be producing under the name Benelli 350S. The new design has a lot in common with Benelli TNT300 and improves it: new wheels, shorter tail, hugger, mount rooms, new headlights, a more aggressive body kit.

Company Qianjiang also partnered with Harley-Davidson, mutually beneficial helping American brand to work in the Asian market. Simply put, Qianjiang QJ350 also plan to release both a Harley-Davidson HD350. It was originally planned displacement 338 cm3, but it will probably be closer to 350 cm3.

The motor is very similar to the twin-cylinder 300-CC unit, which is now installed on some models of Benelli. If you look closely at the cover there is engraved “Harley-Davidson Motor Company” which actually confirms that the bike is prepared under the American brand for the Asian market.

The designs use all three brands. If the motor is written H-D, then QJ is found in the kit, and the Benelli logo on the rear wing.

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