Custom Shop reimagines BMW R 1250 R

Custom Shop reimagines BMW R 1250 R


In addition to traditional models such as the R 18 and R nineT, the BMWboxer platform also includes the R 1250 GS heavyweight ADV and the R 1250 R roadster.

The innovative system maintains power output and also meets stringent Euro 5 emission standards. Although the BMW boxer has a rich pedigree, ShiftCam technology brings the powertrain into the modern era. Playing on this fusion of classic and modern, Estonian custom shop Renard Speed ​​Shop has transformed the R 1250 R into a futuristic cruiser.

The aptly named “Reimagined” project throws away the roots of the R 1250 R roadster in favor of a low profile cruiser. Elements such as a floating saddle, fork guards and folded headlights evoke the floats of yesteryear, but Renard Speed ​​Shop adds an avant-garde twist to the formula. Made of aluminum, the boxy body simplifies the shape of the R 1250 R. The team also painted the new panels and fuel tank a high-gloss white for an ultra-clean, ultra-modern aesthetic.

To accentuate the solid white livery, the CNC team is machining the front grille and triple wood from a solid aluminum block.

Aside from the new Ducati Panigale Superlegger Akrapovich titanium mufflers, the twin still boasts cruiser-worthy 105 lb-ft of torque. Of course, to complement the cruiser’s look, the team equips the updated R 1250 R with wire-spoke wheels made by Italian Jonich wheels.

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