Custom VIP Interior Land Cruiser

Custom VIP Interior Land Cruiser


From the outside it looks like a normal Land Cruiser right? Then you open the door and reveal a VIP palace. This is the ultimate VIP luxury Land Cruiser designed for celebrities and VIP’s who want to travel like a king without attracting too much attention.Sergi: Xenon Motors: You can follow Supercar Blondie on:#vip #luxury #luxurycar

check this out not your typical land cruiser oh oh yeah there’s a million cool gadgets in here so you’re gonna have to hop around the other side but look while war had to come this way this way this way gonna look at this thing because from from the outside this looks like a normal 2022 land cruiser yes it’s nice the new look on the grill everything looks a lot more fresh a lot more modern but you would never know what’s inside of this car until you open the door i’ll open the door for you because look if you’re riding in this thing you don’t open your own doors hop in there i’ll go on the other side all right so glasses off in a land cruiser normally you have three rows right now they’ve stripped everything and what you have is one row of only two seats uh obviously the middle is completely filled up with the center console that we’ll talk about in just a second but obviously this is built for vips to have a lot more leg room everything has this orange and black leather combo which i love you know from the seats being very squishy having this orange leather everywhere to the furry furry mats i mean this is probably my favorite part because you take your shoes off you put your socks on this it’s magic if you look up we have like a starlight roof just like with rolls royce but you have 300 individual stars all right so this car has a bunch of gadgets and everything you see comes with the car when you buy it so you see what i’m seeing that’s a playstation 5. yes if you buy this car you get a playstation 5. you can play with your friends little buddy over here two-player fifa’s on this 32-inch samsung tv i promise this has nothing to do with me that’s like that was there before we even got in the car i mean is this gonna is this gonna demonetize this video give me give me the remote where’s the remote we gotta we gotta change this below the tv we have an espresso machine to make your coffees i’m not sure how good of an idea it is to make coffees inside of a moving car you know can you just imagine like you’re driving and you hit you hit some bumps and you just just burn yourself i’m not i’m not sure about this drinking a hot coffee in a moving car is probably a bad idea in my opinion you have a hidden compartment here so you can actually just pull that out oh you didn’t see this did you but yeah this is where you keep all your capsules or whatever else you want to hold on to a little storage in here it’s like a little discreet storage you can probably also turn this into a safe if you’ve got valuables we’ll put that back in there and what’s also interesting is that the ac vents right here these look like they’re straight out of mercedes you know i don’t want to say anything but these look i’d say almost identical to what you see in a g-wagon or an s-class these are actually one of my favorite looks for ac vents so whether it’s mercedes or not they look great in the center we have an ipad mini hello just for you to see how new this is this hasn’t even been started yet so you get a brand new ipad mini when you buy the car as well and then you have this thing which i believe is for ambient lighting yellow cyan blue green red you’re going to see that everywhere you got more touch controls here for your climate right you have your your weather you know three degrees celsius does that say that right which is going to go below zero ah i know why we can go below zero the reason for this for this going so low because it relates to what’s inside here which is a fridge and oh yeah oh man that is really cold dude touch the walls touch the walls that’s like frozen so this is a fridge and you can actually activate it to become a freezer over here i thought this was a panel no it’s just there to look nice and i think it does look nice to be honest it’s got this ambient lighting around it elegant i like it and on our side we have the reclines which are actually pretty cool you have two buttons elongated they look pretty cool and this starts to go down oh yeah so let’s see if let’s see where we go with this but you know like we’re really reclined oh wow oh wow okay we’re really reclined man this is like a bed almost i can’t even touch the end i mean look i’m not the tallest guy in the world but i’m not even on the head rest one second i’m on the headrest my feet are dangling when you think of cars to be chauffeured in you know like a maiba the starting price is 200 000 this is 100 000. so this might be the most affordable chauffeur driving experience car out there i can’t think of anything more affordable for for something like this let’s hop to the back and there it is you don’t need any luggage all you need is a playstation i mean this is both good and bad obviously i love having a playstation in the car the main bad side is that you have nowhere to put your luggage maybe a little bit of space over here maybe a little bit of space over there and maybe in the passenger seat in the front row but i’m not sure let me know how you guys feel about that because uh that’s like uh that’s that’s a that’s a conflict what’s funny is that with these seats even though there’s only one row they used the third row seat belts for these guys which is all the way in the back here you have a massive sound system this is the front row of the 2022 toyota land cruiser and i like it apparently there’s a million things that you can upgrade i mean this is brand spanking new we still got the plastic everywhere still some tapes but yeah if you guys haven’t seen the inside of this car chances are you’re not here for the for the front you have your infotainment here gear selector and obviously this car is known for all of its off-roading capabilities you can you know touch your differentials through here you have a rear view mirror when you look back you have a black wall so you see nothing i mean you might as well just take this off right the driver and the passenger are completely separated there is one way for the driver to reach the back what i do find a little bit weird as well is that you know people love the land cruiser for its off-roading capabilities it’s durability all that stuff right but this one is mainly pimped out for a vip driving experience you know you don’t off-road in luxury really to be honest right and durability kind of clashes with luxury because usually what has luxury isn’t as durable right like so so this is a durable off-road car with a luxurious interior i think also this is a good car for people that kind of want to fly under the radar you know the very wealthy people that don’t want to drive you know super like flashy green cars you know you don’t want to grab that kind of attention sometimes right so if you got a lot of money maybe you want to fly under the radar just drive this people from the outside they’re like oh okay that’s a okay car not bad until you open the door and you know that’s pretty much it let’s take it for a little bit of a drive i gotta say like we’re driving pretty fast and the ride is super smooth like um we’re going through all kinds of bumps and uneven roads and yeah i think this car is designed for like a smooth luxurious ride so yeah it is true and in the back you feel uh very relaxed very luxurious very nice back here this is the main window i’m looking out of which is strange because this is meant for the third row if i want to look out of that window i need to do this like that and yeah it’s it’s very far away but i get all the wind in my face i mean that’s the video for today let me know what you guys think we’ll see you guys next time i’m out

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