Cyberquad ATVs: How the Tesla Cult Works

Cyberquad ATVs: How the Tesla Cult Works


Many buyers of Tesla’s Cyberquad kids’ ATVs have decided to resell them. Just a few days after the model hit the market, advertisements with a tenfold mark-up appeared on online platforms.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with a link to Ebay.

As we previously wrote, the American electric vehicle manufacturer was selling an unusual Cyberquad children’s ATV for $ 1,900. Now, many buyers have decided to take advantage of the magic of the Tesla brand – and put their ATVs up for sale at a higher price.

And not particularly embarrassed – at the eBay online auction Tesla Cyberquad ATVs are resold with a huge mark-up.

The most daring (or, more correctly, greedy) sellers offer to purchase an ATV for $ 17,000, which is almost 10 times the original cost. Most Cyberquads listed on eBay range from $ 4,000 to $ 6,000.

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is an electric ATV, which is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and is designed for a cruising range of 24 km. The electric bike can reach speeds of up to 16 km / h and can be fully charged from a regular household outlet in just five hours. Tesla is expected to be preparing a full-size ATV. Its premiere should take place simultaneously with the start of official sales of the long-awaited Cybertruck pickup truck.

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