Cybertruck amphibian? All can be

Cybertruck amphibian? All can be


The CEO of Tesla has responded to the new Internet comic entertainment a video showing the amphibious vehicle based on a pickup Cybertruck: it shows in the floating body of the truck sits a man with a fishing rod. Musk responded with a comment: “I Think we can do it.”

Words the Mask does not sound like a promise to release a similar model, but the head of Tesla is known that has not just brought to life what at first glance was seen as a joke.


So, he promised to release a flamethrower under the brand of the Boring Company and did it. Besides, many took for a joke of his word that the new Tesla Roadster will be able to fly, but then it turned out that he seriously intends to equip the machine with optional rocket engines.

It’s hard to say how serious was the Mask this time. However, it is worth considering that the head of Tesla really has a passion for amphibians. In particular, at the time he acquired the car, the submarine, on the basis of the Lotus Esprit from the film about James bond “the Spy who loved me”.

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