Cybertruck can’t do that: Rivian has demonstrated its capabilities on the water

Cybertruck can’t do that: Rivian has demonstrated its capabilities on the water


The first model of the American company Rivian – the R1T pickup – will be released not in June, but only in September. The company says that next month, customers will definitely receive their cars, and on the eve of this event has published pictures in which R1T shows its waterfaring abilities.

The head of Rivian RJ Scaring posted a small video on his Twitter, which he captioned: “Our engineers are going to quickly plunge.” The video demonstrates how the R1T pickup truck overcomes water obstacles.

Unfortunately, the depth of the ford is not indicated, but based on the model’s characteristics published by the company, it can be assumed that the pickup can easily pass water with a depth of 1.15 meters. According to the passport, the depth of the ford to be overcome is at least 0.91 meters.

Recall that at the start of sales, the model will be available in a limited edition Launch Edition. Rivian expects to complete deliveries of the R1T Launch Edition models by spring 2022. And once the Special Launch Edition vehicles are discontinued, the automaker will begin rolling out other modifications.

Note that earlier the company published a video demonstrating the off-road capabilities of its model – the electric pickup Rivian R1T “conquered” the hills of Arizona in the USA. According to the manager, the most difficult part of these ascents was finding the right tires. As a result, the choice fell on the Pirelli Scorpion A / Ts.

As a result, the car rather easily overcame ups and downs, covered with stones and loose soil. The most surprising thing in the published videos is the noiselessness with which the pickup drives on the ground – only the rustling of stones is heard.

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