Cybertruck has not yet been released, but has already collected pre-orders for $ 80 billion


Tesla has amassed a record number of pre-orders for a Cybertruck pickup. Since the angular electric car debuted two years ago, nearly 1.27 million people have left bids for the car, paying $ 100 each, and the queue continues to grow, Electrek reports. It is not known if all of them will buy back their pickups when Tesla finally begins production of the new product, but the brand has already earned $ 127 million on applications alone.

If all 1.27 million units of Cybertruck are bought out, then Tesla’s revenue will be about $ 80 billion, analysts calculated. How many new product reservations will end with a real pickup purchase is unclear, as well as the timeline in which Tesla will be able to fulfill them. Given that the production of a pickup truck has been postponed more than once, it can take years to assemble such a number of copies. According to the latest information, the mass assembly of Cybertruck will start only in 2023.

In the basic version with one motor on the rear axle, the Tesla Cybertruck is priced at $ 39,900. It is estimated that only 7.2% of booking customers chose this version. At the same time, 47.7% of potential customers ordered the 2-engine version for 49 thousand 900 dollars, and 45.1% of the top-end 3-engine version costing 69 thousand 900 dollars. 70.6% of customers are ready to equip their Cybertruck with Full Self Driving for an additional payment of $ 7,571.

Even if only half of the customers pay for the “live” Cybertrucks in full, their number will be 3 times more than the number of Ford F-150 Lightning owners. The electric Ford, which debuted in May 2021, has nearly 200,000 bookings, while the Cybertruck has amassed 250,000 applications in its first week alone. However, unlike Tesla, Ford has already put its pickup on the production line and will begin shipping the first vehicles to customers next spring.

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