“Da” and the drain of personal data. Details

“Da” and the drain of personal data. Details


In Telegram appeared a bot which has a large base of personal data, in particular drivers. The Minister for the digital transformation Mikhail Fedorov wrote in Facebook that this information is not associated with the application “Da”.

What is known about the data

Telegram-channel UA Baza Bot posted an announcement about the sale of driver’s licenses Ukrainians.

“In telegrams earned bot, which uses large amounts of personal data. Immediately began to actively spread the fakes that this information is associated with the application Da. It is impossible even theoretically,” – said Fedorov.

According to him, “Da” is not a database and does not accumulate this ??information.

In Minsitry added that the creators of the bot announced a base with 26 million identities, while in Ukraine only 9.5 million driver’s license. Of these, the application displays 6.5 million

“Secondly, the amount of information that is available in the bot, a lot, in tens and hundreds times exceeds the one which works Da.


Third, preliminary analysis of information of the bot indicates the use of old databases that more than one year available on the darknet. In particular, we are talking about the database PrivatBank (before the nationalization) and other private (non-state) databases. For example, in the bot available passwords from Facebook, Linkedin,” – said Fedorov.

How to solve the problem

The security service of Ukraine began investigation of the telegram-bot and available personal data.

Earlier it was reported

  • The messenger Telegram, there were two bot who are looking for the personal data of Ukrainian users of the telephone for the money.
  • It was reported that bots, presumably, take the data from a stolen database of clients of PrivatBank. The Bank is saying that it’s impossible.
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