Dacia: 10,000 km run almost for nothing

Dacia: 10,000 km run almost for nothing


The Dacia brand has launched an interesting campaign in Germany for customers who are ready to lease a Sandero hatchback or a Duster crossover with factory gas equipment.

The new generation of Dacia Sandero is sold in Europe in petrol and gas-petrol versions, and in the latter case, LPG is installed not by dealers for a surcharge, but directly by the manufacturer in Romania. Such modifications of hatchbacks are designated as Sandero ECO-G, they have a three-cylinder 1.0 liter engine and an output of 101 hp. combined with 6-speed “mechanics”.

As noted by Autoevolution, in Germany a new Sandero with factory LPG can be leased for 3.3 euros per day when choosing a basic service package or 4.5 euros / day for an extended service package. In this case, the standard guarantee of 100,000 km or 3 years is valid, depending on which trench comes. As a bonus, there is propane-butane gas (LPG) for 10 thousand km of run. By the way, a similar offer is valid for the gasified version of the Dacia Duster crossover.

The new Dacia Sandero is available in Access, Essential and Comfort trim levels. Standard retail prices in Germany are 8,690, 9,190 and 10,290 euros, respectively.

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