Dacia brand introduced the world’s first free mud bath for SUVs

Dacia brand introduced the world’s first free mud bath for SUVs


Such an unusual service is offered by the new branded washing complex of the company. Moreover, you need to make an appointment for a mud bath session in advance. And only Dacia Duster owners can do this.

A Romanian company has launched the world’s first mud bath for its SUV owners. This is how the brand prepares customers for all the vicissitudes of suburban adventures. According to statistics, more than half of SUV buyers have never used them for driving where there are no normal roads.

Dacia decided to show such car owners what real off-road is. British drivers who participated in the survey admitted that speed bumps were the most extreme obstacle in their path.

Moreover, every tenth Briton replied that his family “does not really like adventure.” 17% said they would not mind having a real adventure for themselves and their SUV. 19% responded that their SUV never drove on dirt roads.

Considering all these answers, the management of the British division of Dacia decided to develop a new trend – the love of off-roading.

This will help them “mud” wash, which, by the way, you need to pre-register. Dacia also found that 46% of UK 4WD owners would like to travel this year.

First place is the sea. The second most popular route is the countryside. To help customers, the Dacia brand has prepared a list of interesting hiking trails – from wild camping in Dartmoor to surfing on Fistral Beach and much more.

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