Dacia Dokker: “smart apartment” on wheels

Dacia Dokker: “smart apartment” on wheels


Camperiz has presented a camper based on the Dacia Dokker at a price of 19,995 euros.

With the onset of good weather and the approaching summer holidays, many drivers are thinking about buying (or even renting) a camping or motorhome at the lowest price. For the connoisseur of traveling by car, a compact and budget camper has been developed with a set of necessary equipment, which can also be customized to suit your preferences so that your vacation is not overshadowed by anything.

The Dacia Dokker, thanks to the efforts of Burgos-based Camperiz, turned into an ideal travel and adventure option this summer at a very budget price of € 19,995, while the base model is priced at € 13,400.

The modified Dacia Dokker van is powered by a 95 hp 1.5-liter turbodiesel power unit, highly capable and economical mechanics, more than proven and renowned for their low cost of ownership.

As for the standard equipment that comes with the kit, it is very extensive and allows you to live on board, also thanks to the two rear side modules that it includes. The first is a sink and faucet, a 42-liter niche, a 20-liter fresh water tank, a 10-liter waste water tank, a water pump, an outdoor shower outlet and a portable gas stove.

The second module includes a removable box with a volume of 25 liters, an ISOTHERM refrigerator for 30 liters, an auxiliary battery VARTA AGM for 95 A, a self-resetting fuse for 40 A, a VOTRONIC amplifier for 30 Ah, a 12 V socket, a voltmeter, a holder CBE fuse, dual USB port and charger connector.

Standard features include a removable table, full LED lighting, removable mattresses and nine-layer thermal insulation. Of course, a prospective client might have some good options installed. We are talking, for example, about such interesting options as heating, an awning on the roof, a dry closet, a mansard sunroof, a roof box, tinted windows and a bicycle rack, and more.

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