Dacia: How to stay modern with cheap options?

Dacia: How to stay modern with cheap options?


In the future, models of the Romanian brand Dacia will not receive sophisticated driver assistance systems, as well as other modern options. According to product director Andrea Guinea, the brand’s customers are not yet ready to pay extra for them. At the same time, cars of the Dacia brand will continue to be modern, writes the Autocar edition.

A top manager of the Dacia brand noted that their customers appreciate style, so Romanian cars are no longer boring. New options and technologies appear on models only if they are guaranteed to be needed by potential owners. At the same time, Dacia cannot ignore legal requirements, so progress in the development of machines is inevitable. But he also follows an exclusively rational path.

So, rechargeable hybrids are quite expensive, so such a modification is not planned for the new Dacia Jogger station wagon, and the usual hybrid version will appear later. The Jogger will not have an all-wheel drive system.

In terms of safety, it is noted that Dacia models protect the driver as well as passengers every year. However, achieving a EuroNCAP rating with a large number of stars requires numerous and sophisticated active safety technologies that will greatly increase the value of the car.

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