Dacia Jogger was more expensive than Duster


The Romanian brand Dacia, owned by the Renault Group, is preparing to launch the new Jogger cross-wagon. Acceptance of pre-orders for the model starts on December 3, and the prices are already known.

The Jogger presentation took place early this fall. The car is intended to replace the second generation of the Logan station wagon in the Dacha line, as well as the Lodgy compact van and the commercial Dokker. Therefore, the new Dacia cross-wagon will have to combine the functions of all three models.

The Jogger station wagon got a long body (4547 mm) and a wheelbase of 2897 mm. The model borrowed from the compact MPV a 3-row cabin that can accommodate seven riders (although there is also a 5-seater version), and from the “heel” – a compact step between the openings of the front and rear side doors, as well as a stepped arrangement of seats.

The declared ground clearance of the model is 200 mm, which is comparable to modern crossovers, but in order for the car not to be a competitor to Duster, it was deliberately cheated with all-wheel drive, a diesel engine and an automatic transmission.

The cost of the basic configuration of the Dacia Jogger with a liter biofuel engine with a capacity of 100 horsepower and 170 Nm turned out to be equal to 14 thousand 990 euros in a five-seater version and 15 thousand 750 euros in a seven-seater. A similar version, but with a petrol liter internal combustion engine of 110 and 200 Nm, will cost customers 15,500 and 16,250 euros, depending on the availability of seats in the cabin, respectively. Well, the most expensive Jogger will cost 19 thousand 650 euros.

For comparison, prices for the initial version of the Duster in Europe start at 14,499 euros, so the Jogger is ahead of the crossover in this indicator, even in the 5-seater version. However, the Duster’s price ceiling is still higher – 22 thousand 900 euros (with all options 28 thousand euros).

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