Dacia Lodgy will turn into a seven-seat crossover

Dacia Lodgy will turn into a seven-seat crossover


A direct descendant of the van will not: Lodgy will fall victim to the universal thrust to the all terrain format. According to estimates edition Largus.Fr last year in France, has sold only 6.6 thousand Lodgy, while well known in our country, “Duster”, which has sold nearly 50-thousand copies. Therefore, the model will radically change a person – and it will happen in the next year.

But the leadership of the Dacia wants to keep the model line-up offer for those who need more than five chairs in the salon, so that is another innovation of the Romanian brand will be a seven-seat SUV similar in size – about 4.5 m in length. And yet, this upcoming crossover could try on the status of a sort of technical showcase for the brand.


As a platform to build an SUV called the “trolley” CMF-B Renault-Nissan Alliance, which has built many of the European models. However, for flagship Dacia will omit it and will be deprived of the novelty of many available modern Renault electronic nuances – for example, crossover will not have access to many of the driver’s assistants. However, the SUV runs the risk of becoming the first full hybrid from Dacia.

According to the French press, for adapting it branded powerplant created in the process of working on the new Clio – a 140-strong combination of gasoline and electric motors. “Green” crossover will hit the market approximately six months after the start of sales of the versions with conventional engines, which are called petrol turbo engine with a volume of 1.0 and 1.3 liters, as well as a-liter diesel. To debut in Europe the seven-seater crossover Dacia needs in the spring of 2021-th.

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