Dacia Sandero new generation noticed on tests

Dacia Sandero new generation noticed on tests


The car is experiencing severe winter conditions and prepare for the imminent premiere.

On the eve of the Dacia Sandero of new generation has been spotted on tests in winter conditions. This suggests that quite soon we are waiting for its official presentation. The current version of the car has a very long history – the last modification was made in 2012. However, sales were going well, and 2018, a record for the model in Europe. Now, however, Renault decided to make the car more technologically advanced. It is expected that the new Dacia Sandero will be positioned as model 2021, and will show it in the second half of 2020.


The main novelty is the attempt to use the new modular platform CMF, which Renault plans to migrate 80% of all models.

Recall that the current version of the car is made on the “truck” 2002. From the exterior we note the changing shape of the body, as well as a completely new design of the front bumper and the hood line. To look at the salon has not yet succeeded, but it is expected that changes there will be more significant than the outside. Experts suggest that with the change of generations of the Dacia Sandero will not be as accessible, so the demand for it can significantly reduced.

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