Dacia will release an electric Sandero

Dacia will release an electric Sandero


The Romanian low-cost automaker will release an electric version of the Sandero hatchback based on the promising Renault 5. The car will appear no earlier than 2026.

Of course, the global strategy of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance envisages the gradual abandonment of internal combustion engines by all brands under its control. However, practically nothing was known about the policy of the Dacia – Lada structure. Now the first details about the further steps of the Romanian Dacia have appeared.

According to Philippe Brunet, director of Renault Alliance Motorization and Electric Vehicle Engineering, Dacia plans to keep the brand’s DNA in terms of practicality and economy, which are the strengths of the brand, even by switching to electric drive. These ideals will be reflected in new hybrids, the appearance of which will take place in the very near future.

Philippe Brunet noted that today it is hybrids that are the necessary compromise for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. At the same time, such cars will not hit Dacia’s budgetary status too much.

However, this does not mean that the brand does not plan to fully electrify its lineup. Already in China, a budget electric car Dacia Spring is being produced, which is supplied to Europe, and can rightfully claim the title of one of the cheapest “green” cars.

Nevertheless, the Romanians will release electric cars in larger segments. One of these cars will be the analogue of Renault 5, which will become the direct heir to the existing Sandero hatch. The debut date may be 2026, but there are no specific dates yet. The Alliance assures that the cost of the model will be equal to Renault Clio.

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