Daihatsu debuts unusual concepts

Daihatsu debuts unusual concepts


Small outside but large inside, these concepts show that a practical car does not have to be large.


Whenever approaching a car show in Japan, we always feel dizzy with excitement, because we know that the local automakers have a strange concept. That Daihatsu made the Quartet an interesting show cars that will be presented at the stand of the brand in the land of the rising sun from October 24 to November 4 at the 46th Tokyo motor show.

The concept of key-Kara WakuWaku represents the smallest category of road vehicles in Japan. Specification JDM as Suzuki Jimny, its length is 3395 mm, but it is quite practical thanks to the opening rear door and roof panel in which there is an additional storage compartment.

WakuWaku similar to a tiny camper, has a high ground clearance and lots of plastic body parts. Square a La the Toyota FJ Cruiser may be not so attractive, but it maximizes interior space, creating a versatile cabin, perfect for relaxing outdoors.

Toys, the fresh is a charming little truck with sliding platform, which also falls into the category vehicles of key. He has his own drone which lands on top and is stored inside the module when not in use.

A pair of tiny rear doors and the lack of a pillar between them means that getting in and out of it easily enough. For additional seats, as well as on the shelves of the small doors have a little cargo space.

With regard to the concept WaiWai, it takes the form of a miniature minivan with sliding rear doors, three rows of seats and dual hatches on the roof.

Six-car length 4200 mm got a dashboard with multiple screens that stretch from one corner of the “tidy” to another, and is reminiscent of E. Honda These four displays are complemented by a fifth next to the wheel intended for the infotainment system.

IcoIco is a conceptual vehicle for the transport of persons, has a fully Autonomous driving system and is equipped with a retractable ramp to facilitate boarding and disembarkation of passengers with disabilities.


Daihatsu developers claim that this kei car is ideal for narrow roads, because its width is 1475 mm, making it ideal for delivery. It remains to see if any of them light, but even if they do, probably will eventually become a thing only for JDM.

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