Daihatsu will present four concepts in Tokyo

Daihatsu will present four concepts in Tokyo


Toyota-owned brand Daihatsu talked about the exhibits that it will show on January 14-16 at the fortieth Tokyo Auto Salon. If last time the brand had five concepts, now there are only four. One half is built on the basis of the Rocky e-Smart hybrid SUV, the other is based on the Atrai micro van (version of the Hijet kei car). The booth will once again be decorated as a Daihatsu Village.

The Premium Rocky is characterized by blue details that emphasize hybridity: the roof, side mirror caps, bumper and wheel arch inserts, and the logo. Toyo Open Country’s toothed tires add to the seriousness.

Hijet and Atrai recently stepped into the eleventh generation and received the DNGA architecture, but almost did not change. Show cars present Atrai in the form of a mini-Deck pickup truck with a tent on the roof and a “premium business van” a la Toyota Alphard.

The Rocky Crossfield off-road concept is replete with black accessories and boasts a roof rack. Nearby is Hijet Nibako’s “experience truck,” encouraging children to build cars.

Today Toyota has reported on the results of its “daughter” for 11 months. Daihatsu produced 1,191,216 vehicles (+ 12.1%), of which 400,438 (+ 69.5%) were exported. The brand managed to sell 658 183 cars (+ 3.4%). The lion’s share (524 108) were kei-kars. In November, demand fell by 0.6% (to 64,612 units). Toyota expects a recovery from January after production cuts caused by parts shortages.

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