Daimler Geely and determined the future of the brand smart

Daimler Geely and determined the future of the brand smart


A joint venture created last year by automakers Daimler and Geely after the partition of the brand smart, gained a more defined shape and perspectives: partners, told about the structure and leadership of the updated company.

Registered in China SP Smart Automobile Co. Ltd. got a “daughter” named Smart Europe GmbH with office in Stuttgart, which will take over the supply, sale and service of cars of the brand in the European market. CEO of Sanbei Tong, before the former top Manager of Geely and its company Lynk & Co., appointed to a similar position in Smart Europe Dirk Adelman, who previously was responsible for the transformation of the “Smart” in branding, specializing exclusively in electric cars. Finance Director European division was Martin Gunther, who moved from the Finance Department after-sales service of Mercedes-Benz.


Daimler and Geely also confirmed that the new generation of Smart electric vehicles will appear in 2022. Earlier it was reported that the Germans would be responsible only for their design, and for engineering and production – Chinese. That is why, by the way, Mercedes-Benz recently put up for sale by its French manufacturer of smart Fortwo EQ. The more practical Forfour doing in Slovenia.

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