Daimler was fined 870 million euros

Daimler was fined 870 million euros


German prosecutors acknowledged the Daimler guilty of negligence and fined him EUR 870 million. The Department found that the company sold 684 thousand cars, which is not in conformity with applicable ehkonorm.

The statement of the Prosecutor’s office of Stuttgart stated that Daimler since 2008, implemented cars, the emissions of which (speech, in particular, oxides of nitrogen) were significantly higher than normal. After weighing all the arguments of the Ministry, the management of the company abandoned the appeal against the decision and agreed to pay a fine in the amount of EUR 870 million. It is also reported that the negligence in the fulfillment of oversight functions to the top of the head of Department certification.


Previously, Daimler has offered to buyers of the Mercedes-Benz a subsidy of three million euros for the modernization of exhaust gas filters. To get money will be the owners of diesel vehicles corresponding to the Euro 5 standard that is released in the late 2000’s, early 2010-ies.

However, the efforts of Daimler green model range and the transition to CO2-neutral production do not allow the environmentalists to assert the validity of these measures. Recently the environmental organization “Greenpeace” published a report which described the impact of the largest carmakers in the process of global warming. Data for 2018 showed that Daimler throws away 161 million tons of CO2 equivalent, although this is much less than 582 million tons from Volkswagen.

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