Dangerous crossovers

Dangerous crossovers


Specialists of the American Insurance Institute for highway safety (IIHS) conducted a study during which found that the accident SUV and pedestrians more likely to end in fatalities or serious injuries than for accidents with people involving cars.

SUVs safer for the driver and passengers due to the greater weight and dimensions. But these settings provide a higher percentage of deaths and serious injuries in accidents with pedestrians.


Experts conducted an analysis of 79 accidents in Michigan, USA. During the research they managed to determine that at a velocity from 20 to 63 miles per hour more than 30 percent of accidents involving crossovers or SUVs have proved fatal to pedestrians. At the same time at the same speed of cars, the death was over 23 per cent of accidents.

If the SUV had an accident at speed exceeding 65 miles per hour, the fatal outcome of the transitions came in a hundred percent of the time. In situations with cars pedestrian deaths dropped to 54 percent. According to experts, to improve the statistics of deaths in accidents with the crossovers and SUVs will change their design. In particular, experts suggest manufacturers to make more easy the front of heavy vehicles. It increases the risk of serious injuries and deaths when hitting the person.

Earlier it was reported that accidents on the roads of Ukraine is very high, and the deaths and injuries, according to the who, is 5-6 times greater than the level of European countries. Since the beginning of the year slightly decreased

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