Dangerous if the dog is in the car?

Dangerous if the dog is in the car?


ADAC released the movie with the recommendations on the transport of animals in the cabin and accompanied him a number of useful tips.

The experts of Europe’s largest automobile club, reminded drivers that a happy pet near the owner is great, but safety is still important. For a better understanding of why leaning out of the window the dog is a bad idea, ADAC conducted a series of tests with the dummy animal in the cabin and posted a video with them in the Network.

A series of races at the site showed what dangerous animals roam freely through the cabin during the trip. And no matter where they are caught by surprise emergency braking: on the front or back seat, on the floor or in the trunk.


After the sudden changeover in the traffic obstruction, the animal may be on the knees of a driver, stuck between him and the wheel, thus making the car uncontrollable. And may be clogged in legs or under the pedals, risking all in the car and around it. The probability of an accident in such a situation increases dramatically.

And the very animal not wearing even loose the back seat the risk of injury if the result of a sudden maneuver will hit the hardware of both doors before going to fly and tumble between them. Test dummy is clearly shown.

Lying on the floor of the trunk, the dog is less dangerous for driver and passengers, because at least separated from the salon by the back of the sofa. But it’s great to go from shock all around.

It is important to take into account the fact that the injured animal is dangerous not only for the occupants of the people, but also for emergency services, which in the case of an accident carry out rescue work. A wounded pet after the accident, as a rule, aggressive, and instead be rescued from the crumpled car of the victims, the experts will spend precious time on taking the animal under control.


To drivers and their four-legged friends survived the accident with minimal losses, it is important to use seat belts for themselves, for dogs and cats. But more protected will be a special container shipping, floor-mounted in the vehicle or fixed by straps on the seat.

In ADAC is recommended to choose the pits of optimum sizes. Some owners buy a bigger carrying case. But the animal is at risk to more injuries than in containers of smaller dimensions. Don’t ignore the special seat belts. When choosing them should not only try on the animal before purchase, but also to teach them pet before using the machine.

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