Daniel Ricciardo in a Renault Clio V6 Taxi

Daniel Ricciardo in a Renault Clio V6 Taxi


It’s been a tricky start to the season, following a big-money move from Red Bull to Renault, but if anyone can find the silver lining it’s Mr Smiley himself. Magazine’s Jack Rix goes for a drive with Danny Ric in Renault’s hilariously overpowered mid-engined hot hatch, the Clio V6. TopGear Taxi is a new video series from TopGear Magazine. Every episode features a new celebrity in a different (and entirely inappropriate) car being taken wherever they need to go. Taxi: Drag Races: Chris Harris Drives: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

yeah Jack I’m your taxi driver today look at the girl oh she’s a beauty all right thank you opening the door for me very cute right first things first the hot rod what a beast what’s like a week dan Danny badger you whatever you I mean I I just Daniel yeah it works but I’ll go it then click it also works yeah now I know about you moved to Renault you’ve explained it loads and loads of time ball already aren’t you I’m bored already of that story so we’re gonna start a new story I’m your company car situation you’ve basically traded in a Valkyrie for a welcome again or something true did you manage to get your name down for a Valkyrie I do the old employers I did I did yeah I know you I’m very with the car yeah I wonder whether you’ll be able to resist it yeah I am no I made sure I did all that before I am the other contract they’re actually saying the Valkyrie you know with the track pack or the Amr pro version at least might even be faster than an f1 car around the track oh yeah within within the same second or a few tenths or something we don’t know yet yeah I believe it because yeah also I mean tires like you put the right set of tires of any car and you’re gaining you’re gaining seconds oh yeah yeah what and what kind of other stuff you aimed you must have had a colorful history I wanted to show my age a little bit more now I’m turning 30 this year so yeah I did buy an old an old car in the last year and that was our first and that was a classic just laying out your scars now it’s a 275 GTS yes yeah it starts with air fear that’s all yeah yeah yeah I’m pretty sure that’s what it is and that’s to that special that’s seriously special I think it is but I’m also chilled on the road like I love I love trucks as well like being in Australia we call them Utes but yeah America they call them trucks creates yeah so I also just like having a large iving stuff that’s different I think if I drove a fast car every day then I don’t know I’m probably uh not with a lot more speeding tickets yeah it’s a good point yeah and you can’t win races if you’re in prison true now we couldn’t have a road trip without some road snacks so Oh I’ve prepared a little something for you here I am a snack oh yeah a little something for you to nibble on awesome because we’re in the middle of the English countryside here it couldn’t be nothing’s open so this is make you feel oh where did you get this a lot I can’t reveal my sources but why don’t you take us through what you got there cuz I’ve never seen half of this stuff but supposedly it’s quite special I mean whoever organized this I know you’re gonna take the credit but whoever organized this Wow they could be the one sorry this this one got me cherry right oh yeah that’s the one I’ve never had I’ve never seen so good yes very good so by the way these do belong to you now so feel free to munch I mean I’m like probably I’m probably gonna it’s still morning but I’m probably gonna go for it so it’s basically chocolate yeah with like dried coconut and like kind of cherry through it it sounds weird but it’s delicious beautiful what else do we have are they I mean these I feel the whole world knows these two Tim Tams they’ve become a bit of inflation right yes I think they’re overrated actually Tim terms I think we’ve got it’s a bit cool lot better biscuits like that good and if you like this then there’s even better but um but no Tim Tams are good but I kind of like the other flavours the originals a bit just kind of standard bit man don’t you might way better than mama yeah absolutely also I didn’t think this through cuz how are you supposed to eat there I just squeezed Aleve most Australian yeah caramello koala just a little and little snack size yeah that is good so our meals just a little cat so it’s basically dairy milk chocolate with caramel in the site in the middle so ah and I think in this case the Koala the it’s the belly which is filled with caramels so beautiful so here we go you got you got have some water oh thank you no because I don’t want you to get dehydrated you’re sure finely tuned horseman but hang on alright so a little fun fact for you it cannot be called as schooi if it’s not with an alcoholic beverage so if i pull water in this and drink out of it it’s what have I told you that was gin I would say on Chantal you keep the magic alive one of the best ones I believe that ever happened was with Jared bot lon oh yeah Austin and he doesn’t drink alcohol so I actually did it with a Red Bull yeah and that was that was pronounced to schooi so look we we may have bent the rules a little broken although you’ve already broken the rules so yeah that’s true this is the moment when i’m gonna say to you you fancy having a drive oh really yeah i like being a passenger really yeah you drive for a living you’re exact goes to go exactly I’ll go and have a go you want me to drive you’re never gonna never get the opportunity to drive a clear v6 yes Lee it’s the silliest car you’ll ever you’ll ever have a go it’s surreal interesting I’d rather just ate put some music on okay keep it your way and we’ll swap back sorry to put you out that I can do it it’s 6-speed manual gearbox alright three pedals that’s it nodes there’s no twiddly bits on the wheel you’re gonna love it alright alright let’s do this oh good times don’t laugh alright no just checking your D now to drive a manual right yeah it’s funny starting yeah actually I enjoy it but a funny story I think it was talked about last year I’m not sure Maximus dapper knows how to drive is he looked over driving license well we had something I think he was born after clutches and all that was around so I honestly want to say if he was in this car right now I’m not sure he would be staying afloat but anyway anyway what do you think hell of a vehicle okay it’s actually nice I like um I just think as well like having the manual and all that kind of keeps you keeps you more alert yeah because you kind of oh yeah got it it’s kind of you concentrate more and have you heard the stories about this car totally famous for being a bit tricky a bit like bitey okay so short wheelbase big heavy engine behind you it likes to rotate okay and so that the phase one this is the phase two car a bit more power they they treat the chassis to make it better but the first one especially would just spit you off corners just really but if you go in there and if you just rotate through that hedge okay Wow actually I got spout for drackett like a hundred miles an hour and one of these obviously I don’t have much talent but it was the cars fault on my fault mmm-hmm no absolutely I know how that works yeah never the driver’s fault something went wrong but I think you know I’m 50% sure you’re insured on this thing so we should be there she is sounds good just getting on so you got em they’re alive how much power do you think you got have a guess in this yeah I’m gonna be so wrong here 180 oh you do it a disservice no 255 okay I actually add 255 Falls about 15 years ago it’s probably God it’s probably got about yeah 200 hello oh look at that heel and toe yes I’m fortunate we don’t have a GoPro down there but I can confirm that that’s a nicely executed so I’ve got a little game it’s called the Australian word game I need to need to work on the name of it I’m gonna teach you like Australian boys out what you’re gonna do is I’m gonna give you Australian words and you’re gonna tell me what they mean gotcha and maybe after that you can educate me in some of the finer to the Australian language so we’ll start off point for each yep by the way I’m starting for each that’s not an Australian term no no we’re not we am started we’ll start off easy budgie smugglers ah yes budgie smugglers so basically well I’ll explain it word for word bungee your parts smugglers smuggling but are they’re basically like I call them jocks but yes when we’re normally swimwear which is speedos speedos things that other other brands of Cibola shaped swimwear so I shouldn’t be worn on a male but they do it but they do it goun goun goun goun getting the goon bag wait yeah yes yeah so dune is well basically they started with a so a goon bag is like the really cheap I think wine that you buy it in like the wine bag ding-ding-ding-ding yeah that’s it I going bag so if you’re drinking goon you’re like they’re really on a budget yeah you’re on a budget but you’re looking to got one to get pretty mortal yes exactly you got one objection object no objective objective English all-out war sounds like out in the country like something’s far away yeah I like where’s that party tonight tell ya what would so it’s just out in the sticks alright three out of three that’s it you’ve had enough fun am i you drive you’re you’re excused yeah you can never I kind of like it well now I’ll snack I’m an athlete got to keep these calories high exactly I don’t want your blood sugar yeah yeah what is the ot1 yeah okay well I eat this then yep we need to talk about formula 1 okay a sugar and chocolate in the morning but so I’m gonna fire some questions at you okay go if you had to name your three greatest Formula One drivers of all time who would they be and why okay I’ll start with the obvious one Center I admired him for he’s the way he could differentiate himself on track and off track yeah and be like that ruthless killer on track but be that kind of humble loved just gangster that he was off yeah but you know just hit how he could basically put the helmet on and it was like switch yeah and yeah that that was pretty cool he didn’t have to be a complete our sole in all aspects of his life yeah Mario Andretti okay juggling f1 and and the the states and all that that was I don’t know imagine doing that these days it would be I mean obviously like Alonso kind of dabbled a little bit doing the Indy 500 in that but yeah that was impressive and to be successful whilst doing it yeah and then Daniel Ricciardo yeah oh yes I’ll say is that of course I’ll try and say someone more recent I’ll say Mark Webber because um well he was for me like growing up and seeing his path like he gave me a more realistic hope that it could be done you know cuz I was kind of seeing it firsthand with my own eyes and it was in my kind of generation and yeah and like once I started getting closer closer to everyone and that then he he was kind of a guy that I could lean on at times and you know pick up the phone and he would give me a few words of incremental yeah like it was it certainly helped me especially getting get my feet going so yeah cool and yeah so that was that was that all right so there’s your top three if you had a time machine you could go back drive erase any f1 car in any era what car would you drive I mean I love watching centers on board in in Suzuka I can’t remember what year it was to be honest about the McLaren of that year look pretty sick so like I guess probably late 80s would have been cool I forget and you compare your lap times to him yeah period yeah I the time machine allowed that’s fine that would be cool alright done we need to work on my heel and toe all right yeah and who’s who’s been your biggest rivalry then your fiercest rival Vettel Max Hulkenberg or someone else sorry that’s right I just garyun so growing up growing up actually ball toss we race so up a lot together in Junior formulas and stuff I didn’t do karting in Europe so I didn’t really have any like rivalries with anyone that started at ten years old but ball toss yeah he was a guy that when I first moved to Europe we’re in the same championship and we were competing against each other so I felt like we kind of came up together and that that’s always been a I guess a rivalry in itself just because we’ve been through it all together oh yeah more more than more than your teammates well I mean obviously max max we had good battles yeah some clashes some you know highs and lows and some intense moment so I guess yeah max there was certainly a rivalry as well but I consider the more healthy like it none of them ever got to a point where we were going at it yeah it’s competition isn’t yeah yeah yeah it’s healthy want to be the best and yeah therefore you’ll come to blows at some point yeah so go on then give us your assessment of the first few races of the season your first races with Renault will look the first race with Renault was oh not what I had in the script yep I mean it long married 100 meters and they smash the front wing and whatever in Melbourne and yeah so it obviously didn’t start you know like the fairytale it wanted it to but it’s certainly not still on paper it hasn’t been what we wanted but certainly from myself and my feeling with another team I think that’s that’s improved dramatically you know from round one in Melbourne yeah and I think it’s start to show you know the results and the qualifying I think my yeah question being hard was starting to show yeah all right yeah that’s true especially as track though isn’t it well yeah I I love Monaco I just I think any street circuit you you either and I guess the way I put it is you stare at the walls with a feel or you stare and small and I’ve always just smiled and I love that that kind of feeling of getting close and yeah you know like you kiss the wall and you laugh instead of cry kind of thing you realize that makes you sound like a bit of a psychopath but absolutely no I am yeah I can you kind of have to be to be at home to one driver right yeah we’re all a little bit mental whenever I think we’re very well kind of educated in front of cameras than that and and we obviously got to be you know just polite good people but we are all schizo at the end of the day is it tough seeing max max has got a couple of podiums you see him and you think I hadn’t moves that would have been me or better not at all and I’ll be straight up with you right now it’s stuff we’ve done before like that’s what you know I was doing and we as a team at Red Bull were doing the last you know five years it’s we were getting podiums and it’s nothing different you know it’s like if I stayed there and that reason for being there is to be world champion so I feel a fourth place yeah yeah between redbull and say you mentioned earlier that you’ve got a birthday wikipedia tells me you’re gonna be 30 in July that would be correct that would be correct how are you feeling about it the big 3-0 I mean I don’t feel bad but I I don’t feel 30 like yeah but yeah look I’m on the positive I’m I’m gonna try and plan something good you only turn 31 so I’ll definitely I’m somewhere at some time in July or let loose a little okay yeah I’m old and wise and was old and my gosh I can’t even speak English old and wise and wisdom all right we’re here look that was amazing to N stone that was emotional oh jeez wow that was finally have my cherry ripe yeah you took like one bite and then had to spit it out sorry about and I had to eat it quick I want to like I want the chocolate to melt in my mouth well let take these snacks with you honestly they’re yours mmm thank you so much that’d be 35 quid please oh I thought it was a handshake 35 quid you know what Eric and the import tax for these would have been so expensive so there you go that’s made in twin-cam yeah I’ll take it awesome a lot of customer waiting around the corner whatever we’re not gonna Ricardo are they you

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