Dark horse Iveco enters the market

Dark horse Iveco enters the market


The brand has produced a four-wheel-drive pickup, which is perfect for post-apocalyptic conditions. Today the market pestreet single-vehicle technologies that can withstand almost a nuclear attack. For example, there is Marauder SUV. In famous program Top Gear, he was undermined with explosives, but the car surely stood the test and even went boldly on.

Now enthusiasts from Iveco has prepared a special pickup. It is based on the frame and a solid loading platform. While the car is freely recorded by a normal driving license. Model Iveco Daily 4?4 will arrive to us on special order. So the local lovers of refinement and the hardcore will have the chance to buy this model.


Truck Iveco has a solid exit angles of/ – in, while front and rear overhangs are quite small. The chassis is ready for the rigors of off-road, with permanent four-wheel drive. In addition to the equipment listed climate control, heated seats and even a good multimedia. Front of buyers Daily 4?4 shows on 37-inch wheels. Rubber is intended solely for the conquest of off-road off-road pickup truck relies already the default.

For the motion meets the three-liter turbo-diesel installation at 182 horses. Torque reaches 430 Nm and in a few the charge of 6МКППП. Fresh Daily 4?4 will be able for 75 thousand dollars. By the way, a small batch of pre-orders already. Apparently, a number of brave souls took seriously the post-apocalyptic future.

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