Day one: the first electric car Mazda got on the conveyor

Day one: the first electric car Mazda got on the conveyor


Corporation Mazda presented on 23 October in Tokyo, its first production electric car MX-30, built on the basis of model CX-30 is equipped with a new power plant e-Skyactiv and improved handling e-GVC Plus. Mazdausa hesitate to call key features of the SUV, and the media indicate power output in kW 105-106 (143-144 HP, 265 Nm) and a range of 210 km and a battery capacity of 35.5 kWh. If the details are correct to be proud of “technique” and really nothing. However, the most notable detail of the beginner is back “Polidori” Freestyle Doors as Mazda coupe RX-8, hatch the BMW i3.

E-Skyactiv includes motor, battery, inverter, DC / DC Converter and single-stage reducer, combined into a single high-voltage unit, which is installed in the front of the machine and protected from possible damage. Battery cooling refrigerant is located under the floor charging stations from DC on CHAdeMO and CCS standards, but did not hesitate, and variables (up to 6.6 kW). Mazda also boasts that he has developed a unique pedal, but it seems to be going about the usual energy recovery braking (see Nissan Leaf). Security complex i Above includes auto brake Smart Brake Support (SBS) with the recognition of pedestrians and cyclists.

“The look is uncompromisingly simple to celebrate its beauty as a monolith. The face has a friendly expression, the interior design embodies the image of lightness, – explains the chief designer of the project Yuichi Matsuda. – Living with the MX-30 day-to-day, owners will find that discovering my true self”.

According to stylist, Mazda “bravely done” with signature wing, emphasizing the grille and lights from below because the goal is to “go beyond simplicity.” Note, their “square” wheel arches MX-30 resembles the RAV4. It seems that the cooperation with Toyota makes itself felt in the design.

In the cabin, characterized by simplicity and scope, started up in the course the philosophy of the horizontal-plan for the first time brought the Mazda “floating console” (with a niche for storage in the bottom) and a seven-inch touch panel interface to control the climate system. Seat trim the new fabric (a mixture of recycled textiles and plastics) need to be soft to the touch and breathable like the fiber filled with air. On the trunk says that it holds four suitcases, length 115 cm For tripe is underground.

Production of the Mazda MX-30 for Europe started in Japan: may 19, electric car got on the conveyor Ujina plant No. 1 in Hiroshima. Commodity SUV will appear at European dealers in the autumn, and taking orders already opened. The base price is 33 490 euros. Welcome version pack First Edition estimated at 27 420 and promises a “benefit” to 2600. Leasing electric cars is 299 euros per month.

The Japanese have specified key features. Spins the front wheels, the electric motor produces 107 kW (145 HP, 265 Nm). Battery capacity of 35.5 kWh provides 200-262 in mileage km and energy consumption is 14.5–19 kWh/100 km But it’s performance in WLTP cycle, whereas under the old standard NEDC obtained stock in 237-298 km and a consumption of 16 kWh per hundred. On the “range extender” yet.

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