Dear CLN, wtaer you can pridbati car Renault I online


Menejeri dilerskogo the center of the Cue Auto always gotov nadati rozhodnuto consultation online regim dopomogty You pay Novi Renault. Moreover, the details raskazhut polst di oformlennoe automoble vstanovleno dodatkovo obladnannya.

In advance, you can anyonethis s models, the trim of pressing CNAME on sit. Also, prebacen ogledi avtomobl in nayavnost on sit.


  1. Contact ysatis s us that pay in the form svarochnogo contact’yazku.
  2. Pay model that dodatkowe obladnannya, yakscho yea tak popaganda.
  3. Anionites s proposito from the Manager.
  4. Splatty account.
  5. Occupati on the car.


  1. Otrymaty CTC obajana Clit.
  2. Pagetofame all neobho npharmacy for CNT: vartist that rozrahunkiv on the loan (if redbana on umovah kredituvannya), detaljno information on the characteristics of paying automoble obladnannya, photo/video look around (if ª popaganda), term delivery (if the car is not in NavNet).
  3. Pagetofame dogovr the account, napraviti Clit scan COP (orignal papism when peredach auto).
  4. After pay rachunku domovskou s Clem about the date, the hour that the meeting place peredach pridanova car.
  5. Delivery sdisney Cue Car free of charge within the limits of Kyiv.


  • Contact vddlo prodaju: (044) 536-96-99;
  • E-Posta: [email protected];
  • Request through the form on sit;
  • Viber, Telegram, Messenger for ContactName phones our managerw, that Rozman on shit;
  • Also, zasobom to contact’yazku salecause Nashi autobiography from Facebook the Instagram.

?Z yuridichnimi persons pratsyuyut of menejeri vddlo corporate prodaju for Grafton: MON-9-00 to 18-00.

Servce center Cue Auto pratsyuє for Grafton: MON-ND h 8-00 to 20-30

Obslugovuvannya CLT servlng the centre to be at poperedni the recording, yaky mozhna to do for tel: (044) 536-96-97, or through the form on sit.

It’s important! In primen functio Bankside vdden, nadeutsa services Strahuvannya, working repair area iz otrimannya staff usih zachodu ubezpieczenia, POV’yazanyh iz wintney and pochinenny VRUs (COVID-19). I ask You datamovie zachodu ndial Zahist when vddon.

Cue Auto – oftiny Your Renault dealer.

Berit yourself!

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