Death Valley 4×4 Challenge USA – Part 1

Death Valley 4×4 Challenge USA – Part 1


Part 1 of 2. Tanner, Rutledge and Adam each get hold of a used 4×4 vehicle and begin an epic 400 mile journey to Vegas across the rough terrain of the Mojave desert. Incredible HD clip from USA series 2. see all the reviews, races and challenges: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter: Latest videos:

none of us had a stove to cook on so we had to improvise I took the beans Adam the vegetables and rut prepared the burro me that is fresh this is so not the first time that you’ve done this is it gently place it you’re over intake manifold braced on there correctly you guys I think we are all set there what time do you guys want to eat with dinner in the oven we set out for the next stage of the journey ahead our four by fours faced a dangerous rough and rocky 30-mile pass through the mountains that would take us down into Death Valley should be a problem if it’s really Rob look at this oh no this doesn’t look good oh man this looks scary steep canyons towered above us holy crap this was a different type of off-roading altogether hold on guys there’s a there’s a tricky bit up here this looks nasty the rocks were wet with snow melt from the peaks above with limited grip the trailer becomes basically an anchor this was our first true test and I needed a guinea pig so I could protect my Jeep an overconfident New Yorker was first in line to oblige if hojae can get over on 12 jurors he can get over this am i clear to go thank you might want to back up a little bit you dug a hole there that hurt this is more fun than you can possibly imagine to watch oh is that the rear end listen fellas I have always yield it to your automotive knowledge and skill I’m no genius but I don’t think that’s supposed to happen and that is how you break her ear in now it was time for my Jeep renegade to show the other guys how it’s done that’s good you guys got the gear that’s gonna do it no I’m talking about Daisy Duke did it what the hell mm-hmm how is that physically possible no way unbelievable Jeep rules what can I say it’s a Blazers time to shine hmm this is it I know it’s gonna beat the Broncos since the Bronco died Jim and let it fight let it fight I’m gonna need a winch you can’t just need a way basically you’re saying okay my truck fails I’m still working so technically I’ve beat the Bronco no you haven’t you didn’t make it up I got up eventually second place is first loser my friend come on I can do it this is it this is the one yes look at the trailer totally fine this took a long time I feel like the ones that have four wheels should probably at the road that be that um me yeah and you and me yeah okay um yeah we’ll see you Adam I think I’m gonna need a winch watch out for the Coyotes you don’t think we should feel bad about leaving Adam and Ferrara Canyon do you now it’s done with Adam in the Bronco out of the picture it was down to Jeep vs blaser as we climbed higher into the mountains we passed ancient mines haunted by the ghosts of men who died chasing their dreams and abandoned cars rusting back into the earth that came from this was no place to get stuck this was a place for a real 4×4 my Jeep was leading the way nothing could stop this off-road monster this thing is so awesome I even still have a trailer back there I’m constantly by this deep we were getting to the top of the hill and my Blazers chances at victory suddenly improved I think my motor just blew up did you hear that yeah what was that something like a gun went off I thought a gun did go off okay my Jeep just stopped this is unfortunate pull the plug out in there oh if dinner shorted something in my Jeep I’m gonna be pissed I didn’t want that stuff in there I’m not sure what’s oh the can did burst yes and fuse the wires to the top of the can you

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