Deceiver Hamilton: 7-time champion broke promise

Deceiver Hamilton: 7-time champion broke promise


The famous Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton was spotted getting into the Italian supercar Pagani Zonda. Last year, he made a promise that he would only drive electric cars.

It would probably be pretty easy for many to criticize Lewis Hemilton for not keeping his promise last year. The seven-time champion told Reuters in September 2020 that he wanted to be greener to try to offset the huge carbon footprint of Formula 1 cars.

In addition to being vegan and selling his private jet, Hemilton wants to be driven to and from airports by electric vehicle.

Moreover, he told Reuters: “I no longer drive any of the cars that I own. I only drive my electric Mercedes EQC. ” It also uses another electric vehicle, the Smart EQ ForTwo, as an additional vehicle. By the way, he was recently spotted in a one-of-a-kind example of the Italian supercar Pagani Zonda 760 LH.

The champion is on a three-week vacation before the Belgian Grand Prix scheduled for August 29th, so Hamilton has a few days off. As in previous years, Monaco appears to be his main destination as this is not the first time the paparazzi have caught him driving their Pagani supercar.

Previously, Hamilton described his Zonda as “terrible to drive. This is the wildest sounding car I own. ”

In Hamilton’s defense, it can be said that his supercar hardly covers many kilometers, as we are almost certain that a rider hardly has a chance to drive it due to his busy schedule.

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