Declassified the design of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA

Declassified the design of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA


As expected, the crossover with the change of generations will become more conform to the stereotypes of their segment.

Published design sketches that give an idea of the appearance of future trends. And they confirm the previously stated thesis: the body of the GLA with the change of generations will be completely redone in order to make the model more like a SUV, not a slightly raised hatch as it is now.

We already know that for this Mercedes-Benz GLA will grow to a height of approximately 10 centimetres: the manufacturer sees benefits not only for design but also for the space above the heads of passengers. In addition, the crossover will be slightly shorter, but the inside will still be larger because the constructors promise to increase the size of the wheelbase. Passing needs a little to grow and the trunk.


The previous teaser showed the possibility of the transformation of the interior of the new GLA: the rear sofa can not only be folded in proportion 40:20:40, but to move in the longitudinal direction. Unlike “big brother” GLB novelty will remain a five-seater, but will borrow from GLB some nuances of interior design.

Debut of the Mercedes-Benz GLA second generation after a couple of days, December 11. But at the first stage firm, as usual, declassified only version with the standard motors, a “hot” GLA 35 GLA 45/45 S will appear next year.

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