Defender 2020. Still the SUV?

Defender 2020. Still the SUV?


Defender 2020 is considered to be the SUV of the XXI century. There is no frame, no hard locks, and is solid axles front and rear independent suspension. Yes, and it was built on the basis of the Discovery 5. And Yes, the network already has plenty of reviews with this car, but they are some “refined” or what… At least we did not manage to hear the answers to these questions: is it true that it is half plastic? Is it possible to “off-road” fully trust electronics? Replace if hard body steel frame? Good if the new Def as a machine every day, and how to travel with your family? Do it a 2 liter engine? And much more…

To dot the “I”, we decided to go to the Carpathians where he tried to fully disclose all the greatness of the new Defender, and his Frank jambs. Because of this advantage, you decide. Pleasant viewing!

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