Defender 90 is delayed. How long have to wait?

Defender 90 is delayed. How long have to wait?


The British company launched its legendary model since 1948, initially the car was named simply the Land Rover Series I, II, and III as a prefix was an indication of the wheelbase in inches – the 88 and 109. In 1983, the SUV became the Land Rover with the index, depending, again, on wheelbases – 90, 110 and 130. And in 1990, the model was given the name Defender. The era of the so-called “classic” Defendere was completed in early 2016 – then last copy rolled off the Assembly line in the UK. However, the name is not a thing of the past now so called, in fact, another model of the brand.

The novelty introduced in September last year at the Frankfurt motor show, the model must be received in the current year. Note, Land Rover will offer a new Defender in rough terrain (with the addition of 90 to the name) and long wheelbase (with the prefix 110) versions. The first to launch the production version with increased distance between axles, so that dealers are already taking orders for this new product (including from us). Note, in Ukraine the price tag on Defender 110 starts with a mark of 64 000 dollars.


Manufacturing Land Rover Defender 90 was already to start, it was planned that the delivery of cars will begin already this summer. However, as it turned out, the release was postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus and idle factories around the world. The company noted that to apply for the purchase of three-door SUV will be available in early September. The exact price tag of the novelty yet is not called, in the UK the cost of the car in a special version of the First Edition will be 55 220 pounds ($72 100). It is expected that the purchase of the base model version will cost 40 290 pounds (about$52 600).

At the end of last month it became known that the new Land Rover Defender turned into a van. The commercial version of the Hard Top will be offered with a short standard three-door or five-door body, with seats in any case be no more than three. The starting price tag for such an option in the UK is 35 GBP 500 (almost 46 $ 400 at current exchange rates). The sales coming out before the end of this year.

Earlier it became known that Land Rover could expand the family Defender at the expense of “younger brother”. It is expected that he will gain 80 to the title. If the project for the establishment of such a model will give the “green light”, then his competitors will be the Mercedes-Benz GLA and BMW X1.

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