Deliberate fire: another scandal with Tesla

Deliberate fire: another scandal with Tesla


In 2012 the company supplied customers with the sedan Tesla Model S with “flammable” batteries.

Tesla knew about the problem with the cooling system to the battery pack of the Model S sedan, but put on the market “flammable” car, reported the business Insider.

The problem was the battery cooling system. Some aluminum elements were not sufficiently strong and could break during operation. Penetrating through these cracks to the battery, the coolant can cause corrosion and, as a consequence, short-circuit and fire. There have been documented cases of spontaneous ignition when the battery packs broke out in the car parked in the garage.


According to the publication, on the issue known not only employees but also outside experts that Tesla asked for advice. But the desire in time to bring to market a Tesla Model S and not lose investors is stronger than the potential danger to customers. The problem was solved with the release of software updates, after a series of fires in 2019. The developers have reduced the reserve and the load on the batteries. Plus, upgraded the battery.

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