Deliveries of Tesla Model Y will start soon

Deliveries of Tesla Model Y will start soon


Corporation Tesla can begin delivering the Model Y already after 2 weeks.

Apparently, deliveries of Tesla Model Y will start soon. This information appeared after the publication on the web portal of the VIN decoder of the National administration of safety of traffic (NHTSA) mentions about the new all-electric cross.

In addition, the new model has got a certification from the California air resources Board (CARB) on 9 January. Also Driven The Agency noted that a Twitter user under the nickname Moez has published the data about the possible beginning of deliveries of new Model Y in a couple of weeks.


Executive Director of Tesla Ilon Musk holds great promise to Model Y, as it predicts the electric car higher popularity than Model 3 and Model S together.

The electric car will be offered in the market in three variations. The main will be considered a Long Range rear-wheel drive variant, which will cost 43 $ 700. The cost of all-wheel drive version of the Long Range will start from 47 $ 700. The flagship Tesla Model Y Performance, which will get 2 motor and AWD system will be available from 56 700 dollars.

What attracted to models Tesla Model Y?

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