Delivery hypercar Mercedes-AMG One is postponed for two years

Delivery hypercar Mercedes-AMG One is postponed for two years

To install on a road car “formula” motor was not so easy as expected in the AMG.

Own hypercar, the company introduced two years ago – at the Paris exhibition in 2017. Mercedes-AMG One is equipped with a turbo from the factory car, “Formula 1” – a 1.6-liter V6 is able to spin up to 11,000 rpm Promised that, in Union with several motors he will give hypercar with a capacity of about 1,000 HP And this turbo and created suddenly the main challenges for engineers AMG: according to German newspaper Auto Motor und Sport, supply hypercar buyers postponed until 2021.

Anonymous sources said that motorists AMG overestimated their ability for adaptation of motor sport to road car, which, in fact, be collected in a pipelined manner. Most likely, we are talking about the life of the engine, but it is not the only reason.


Rumored to have played a role and the latest environmental constraints – for example, the transition to a realistic method of calculating fuel consumption WLTP (and this has already been reported). Quite possibly the AMG powerplant, designed for One, does not fit into any existing standards, but to retreat the Germans just have the entire edition hypercar is already sold out.

Given that the price of each hypercar, according to rumors, was 2.7 million dollars, and the Deposit when order was half a million, the company will have to fulfill their obligations. Estimated volume of production of the Mercedes-AMG One will amount to 275 copies.

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