Delivery of Tesla electric cars reached a historical record

Delivery of Tesla electric cars reached a historical record


Tesla shared his data on volumes of production and deliveries of its electric cars in the third quarter of this year. Current statistics suggests that the American brand this time breaking all records.

For the supply of electric cars of Tesla can not complain. During the reporting period (July to September), the brand has released 96 155 copies of their environmentally friendly cars. But the actual delivery of the electric car brand, according to experts, reached 97 000 units. These numbers are called the best for all history of existence of the company. The bestseller Tesla owned five-seater sedan Model 3. In the third quarter of 2019, the rolled off 79 837 of these cars. While in the hands of customers got 79 600 electric sedans.


In turn, the total production volume of electric cars Model S and Model X has reached the value 16 318 units. For three months, customers of the brand received 17 400 of these electric cars.

In “Tesla” and told about another record: in the last quarter, the brand has attracted a record number of new orders for electric cars. This has aimed the company to increase production volumes.

I wonder what is the reason?

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