“Demonic” crossover ABT RSQ8-R showed in the video

“Demonic” crossover ABT RSQ8-R showed in the video


German Studio ABT Sportsline has teased fans with the teaser demonic RSQ8-R. the “Hot” crossover, built on Audi Q8 RS, the firm will release in June 2020.

It is unclear how powerful will be ABT RSQ8-R. Normal serial crossover with a twin-turbo V8 4.0 has 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque, and a control unit, the ABT Engine Control, the impact of the group will increase to 700 forces and 880 Nm of torque. You can, of course, to focus on the workshop Motoren Technik Mayer, which is the same engine removed 722 power and 950 Nm, and with perelivami fuel system – 787 forces and 1030 Nm.


However, ABT and so much experience in the construction of the infernal car. For example, in a portfolio company is One of One which formally represents the Audi A1 with 2.0 TFSI engine from the Audi TT Cup, outstanding forces 310 and 400 Nm of torque in normal mode and 340 forces in overboost, or the world’s first hybrid RS6 – its powerplant develops 1000 horsepower and 1291 Nm of torque.

Test serial Audi RSQ8 compared to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Lamborghini Urus, BMW X6M and GLE 63 AMG

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